SDUT foreign teacher Joan Mc Dermott acclaimed “Messenger of Goodwill of the Year”


Recently, SDUT Irish teacher Ms. Joan Mary Mc Dermott was conferred an honorary title —“Shandong’s Messenger of Goodwill of the Year,” along with 40 other foreigners in other fields of Shangdong Province.

Dermott received the award in Jinan at the provincial reception of the “68th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China,” and also the ceremony for “Honorary Citizenship of Shandong Province” and “Messenger of Goodwill of Shandong Province,” to which she was invited. The biennial award of “Shandong’s Messenger of Goodwill” was set up by the Shandong People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries in 2009 for the foreigners who contributed and would contribute to the development of Shandong province.

Joan has taught English since September, 2012, offering students at all levels such courses as English Speaking and Thesis Writing. Over the past six years, she has lectured for over 2,200 class periods. Dermott has thus won many awards for her outstanding teaching performance and active campus participation, including “Zibo Friendship Award of 2015”.

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