Lv Chuanyi heads a delegation to Japan


At the invitation of the President of Sophia University of Japan, Lv Chuanyi, Secretary of SDUT Party Committee, headed a delegation of four to exchange ideas and recruit personnel on an institutional visit to Sophia University, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Mie University, China Research Communication Center of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), Good Neighbors Japan and Kyoto University Leagueon September 25.

On the visit to Sophia University, Lv met with the Vice Principal who was in charge of teaching affairs and the Assistant Principal. They discussed how to develop cooperation and friendship, and then signed “SDUT-SU Agreement on Non-degree Programs”.

During the visit to Shibaura Institute of Technology, the delegation was greeted with a warm welcome. After briefing each other on the two schools, the participants from both sides discussed and negotiated for future cooperation and communication in terms of the “Study at Abroad” programs for teachers and students. At last, they agreed to admit SDUT teachers and students for academic purposes and to cooperate in the fields of academic research.

The delegation also visited Kyoto University League. Leaders from the two sides hoped for future cooperation and communication and then had an in-depth discussion about the programs for overseas students.

During the stay in Tokyo, the delegation also visited JST China Research Communication Center and the Association of Good Neighbors Japan. In the JST China Research Communication Center, Hitoshi Okamura, Special Advisor to JST and Research Director of the Japan Science Technology Institute warmly welcomed the delegation, and Dr. Yoneyama Haruko detailed the history of the Center and the “Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science (Sakura Science Plan),” inviting SDUT to get engaged in the Plan. In the Association of Good Neighbors Japan, Lv met with its consultant and executive director, extending thanks to the Association for helping SDUT to join the Plan.

Besides, the delegation also went to Mie University. With the help of Prof. Wang Xiulun, the school held a meeting to publicize SDUT’s needs for and policies on high-level personnel recruitment and provided on-site consulting service.

SDUT’s first delegation visit to Japan is of great significance, laying a solid foundation for establishing cooperation between SDUT and institutions of higher education in Japan in the future.

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